Best Engagement Quotes for Her

Every person knows the day have to come when he/she get engaged to his/her, love. These Best Engagement Quotes will help you strong your relationship. After the engagement, everyone wants to share their feelings, love, with your loved one. You can easily share your feelings after reading these  Engagement Quotes which we are sharing with… Read More »

Famous Beard Quotes and Sayings 2016

Quoteslogy presents the best collection of Beard Quotes and Sayings. Yet there are still those people who love to keep beard and without it, they think they’re nothing. There have been many people in the history even who quoted a lot about their beards and till now, many people love to have it. Even their wives… Read More »

30 Latest Happy Weekend Quotes 2016

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Lovely Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Couples

We’re feeling absolutely delightful to bring this extensive collection of Lovely Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Couples. The two souls are closely connected to each other with lot of love, happiness and prosperity. It surely is a happiest and loveliest occasion of your life that comes each year with more love and happiness with each other. Quoteslogy… Read More »

Best Collection Of Winter Quotes 2016

We’re happy to present you Best Winter Quotes for 2016 as the season is coming really very soon and these words of wisdom will make it more enjoyable and bearable with great experiences. You’ll be happy to find amazing collection of short winter quotes, funny winter quotes, romantic winter quotes and much more. Winter season… Read More »

The Walking Dead Quotes And Saying 2016

We are here with the collection of The Walking Dead  Quotes and Sayings. The Walking Dead is a horror-American drama series based on a comic book. In this series, when a sheriff’s deputy recovers and wakes up from coma, he sees an entirely different world; full of zombies. He teams up with his family and… Read More »

Amazing Californication Quotes And Sayings

Quoteslogy brings Californication Quotes and Sayings for you. This is been quite popular since 2007 to 2014 and it is about a troubled novelist who suffers writer’s block as he moves to California. His bad activities like womanizing, drug abuse and drinking jinxes his relationship with his long-time partner Karen and their daughter Becca. The… Read More »

50+ Most Funny Minion Quotes for 2016-17

Minion Quotes are hilariously funny because of their cuteness and shape. Minions are actually imaginative cartoon creature from animation movie despicable me. Whenever they say something it actually make the viewers laugh hard. So in this blogpost we collected extensive collection of minion quotes to tickle down your funny bone. We will try to keep updated… Read More »

Patriotic Independence Day Quotes

Happy Independence Day! It is the most important day for every citizen of an independent country because on this day they’ve got the freedom and it’s time for the patriotism. Keep all those sacrifices and struggle in mind forever because of which you are living with freedom and democracy in your country. The Independence Day… Read More »

Best Soccer Quotes Of All Time

Soccer is the most popular and most watched game in the world. In fact some people take much interest to play this game and some people just love to watch it because it doesn’t take any much longer to reach the bottom line and decide who takes victory and who bites the dust. There are… Read More »