Best Inspirational Birthday quotes 2016

By | February 24, 2016

Wishing birthday to your friends, family, and loved ones is a crucial part of life as it’s their special day and your wishes can make their day even more special. The people who love us expect us to come through, wish them in the best way possible, and make them feel loved. The best way to do so is with inspirational birthday quotes. Whether you want to wish them with a birthday card, gift, or a sweet message for their special day, you can use these inspirational birthday quotes and show them why you love them.

Birthdays are a great occasion to show your loved ones how much you love and value their friendship and company, and it is on this day that you should make them feel special. Use any of the best inspirational birthday quotes to use in your messages to express your love, care, and gratitude. You can use these inspirational birthday quotes for everyone, including your friends, close family members, and lover. Let them know that you care about these people in a unique way and write a special message for them. Inspirational birthday quotes can help you strengthen friendships and relationships as well asmend broken ties with the people you once loved.

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Best Inspirational Birthday quotes 2016

1 🙂 You are a wonderful reminder of all that makes life enjoyable. Happy birthday to the brightest light in all our lives!

2 🙂 Talking about special days, isn’t it yours today? Well, it couldn’t happen to a greater person so Happy Birthday and have a great day!

3 🙂 Inspirational means a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul. And that what happens to me when I’m with you. Happy Birthday

4 🙂 You make each day special just by being yourself. May your day be as special as you are? Happy birthday!

5 🙂 I love you more than anyone I know. You have been by my side through the good and the bad. I will be by your side tonight as we celebrate your birthday and you get really drunk.

6 🙂 Happy birthday to my dearest loved one. I hope you find inspiration in others as we find it in you.

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7 🙂 I wish you a very happy birthday as you reach another milestone. You are a unique individual, and I have great hope for your future. May you reach your fullest potential in the year to come?

8 🙂 The best of your life has yet to come, embrace it, be confident, and embark on a future of limitless possibilities and opportunities happy Birthday

9 🙂 Your joy and zest for life are contagious and inspire me to be a better person. May your birthday be as joyful as ever!

10 🙂 You are a light in everybody’s life. I hope all your wildest dreams come true as you deserve a birthday wish that grand.

11 🙂 You are such a gentle and kind mentor to me. I am happy to celebrate another year enjoying your love and kindness.

12 🙂 I appreciate your loyalty and friendship over the years. May your birthday be a wonderful one!

13 🙂 Happy birthday to my dear friend! We have been on many adventures together, and I know this is the start of a great year to come.

14 🙂 Life is full of surprises. I was in for the best surprise of a lifetime when I met you. Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world!

15 🙂 My hope for you in the year to come is much happiness and success. You are deserving of the best there is.

Best Inspirational Birthday quotes 2016

16 🙂 As you celebrate your birthday, know that you have touched so many lives with inspiration. May you be inspired today as well?

17 🙂 Life passes so quickly when you are having fun. We must be having a great time because suddenly you have to add one more year to your age. I hope this birthday is a great one!

18 🙂 Your shining example spurs me to greater heights. I am wishing a wonderful birthday to the one who goes before me and blazes a trail to success.

19 🙂 If I wanted to wish you a happy day on your birthday, I would just smile and say it. However, I want you to have the best day ever so I am going to scream it and smother you with hugs.

20 🙂 On your birthday, I want to encourage you to make this year your best ever. Nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams!

21 🙂 Happy birthday to a wonderful father! You deserve my greatest love and respect for the stability you have brought to my life.

22 🙂 Many people dislike birthdays as they get older. I know that it is not the case with you because you only get more charming with age.

23 🙂 Some people will go their entire lives without knowing you. I feel sorry for them because you have a wicked sense of humor. Happy birthday

24 🙂 I am a very blessed parent to have a son like you. You have accomplished amazing things, and I stand in awe of all your talents.

25 🙂 Birthdays creep up on you when you least expect them. Let’s hope you are prepared for the celebration of the year because everyone will want to be at your party. This might be because you are the sweetest and kindest person everyone knows.

26 🙂 If there was anyone we wanted to have an amazing birthday, then you are it thanks to your ongoing concern for us and those around you.

27 🙂 Our lives are full of change, but our friendship has never changed. Thanks for enduring with me through the seasons. I am wishing you the best birthday ever!

28 🙂 This just proves you can teach an old dog new dreams happy birthday to my favorite dreamer.

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29 🙂 I hope you have an incredible day full of joy and happiness. You are one of the dearest people in my life, and I want you to have the best birthday ever.

30 🙂 Your birthday is time to thank God! You brighten my life and fill it with hope and happiness. Happy Birthday

Best Inspirational Birthday quotes 2016

31 🙂 I am so happy to celebrate another year with a very special person. You bring light to all the dark places of my world. I have a brighter outlook because of your presence in my life.

32 🙂 I would love to sing “happy birthday” to you at the top of my lungs in a very public place. However, I will refrain from embarrassing you and only do it partially public place because I love you so much.

33 🙂 You touch so many lives with joy. May your deepest wishes and dreams come true on your special day. Happy birthday and the best of my love to you!

34 🙂 Happy birthday to a mother who has sacrificed much to make a wonderful life for her family your commitment and devotion to us have not gone unnoticed. We hope to give back a little of the love you have shown us today.

35 🙂 There is no reason why anyone as great as you should have anything less than a fabulous birthday. We are going to be wild tonight; I hope you are ready for the best night of your life!

36 🙂 Birthday wishes to a faithful friend. I always know that you will stand by me no matter what happens to us.

37 🙂 You always encourage me. There is nothing I love more than you. I hope you have the best birthday ever.

38 🙂 Happy Birthday! We know you get lots of messages due to your overwhelming popularity, but we hope you have a great day!

39 🙂 You are inspiration to me and all those around you. This day is a celebration because it marks the moment you entered our lives. Happy birthday!

40 🙂 Happy birthday to the most generous and fun-loving person I know! I hope your day is full of good things and sweetness just like those you have brought to me.