Arrow Tv Series Quotes & Sayings

By | November 12, 2016

Arrow Tv Series Quotes & Saying:

1 – Donna: You’re always such a stick in the mud. Noah: Yes! Let’s all take hacking advice from a woman whose only use for her smartphone is as a mirror.

  • 2 – Fifteen minutes till the end of the world, and you want to spend them with me. I am touched.
  • 3 – Do you remember what you told me? It takes a monster to kill a monster.
  • 4 – Malcolm: That’s always been your problem. The inability to do what’s necessary. Oliver: Laurel is dead because of you. Malcolm: What are you gonna do? We’ve already established you’re not going to kill me.
  • 5 – There’s no length that I will not go to to avenge Laurel. To stop Darhk from ever hurting anyone again.
  • 6 – People still need saving. They still need hope.
  • 7 – Well, it looks like it’s just the three of us. Team Arrow. The original gangstas.

8 – Oliver is leaving tonight for a magical mystery tour and wants me to stay put.

9 – That has always been the way with us, Felicity. You are the one who brings the light.

10 – Oliver: I’m not so sure that finding this guy depends on gambling. Felicity: It’s not gambling when I play.

Arrow Tv Series Quotes & Sayings

Amazing Quotes about Arrow TV Series

11 – You’re at war with two sides of yourself.

12 – You’re just one illegitimate child away from a really awesome Oliver Queen impersonation.

13 – Diggle: Damien Darhk is no one’s savior. He’s a liar and a monster. Andy: The Romans said the same thing about Jesus.

14 – I’m now powered by the deaths of tens of thousands of souls. There’s nothing you can do to stop me.

15 – Do you know why I always blame myself in situations like this? Because at least it’s an answer. Sometimes we just need a reason when a situation is completely unreasonable.

16 – I’m pulling the oxygen out of your bodies molecule by molecule, but there’s good news. I’m not going to kill you. Well, not right now at least. Instead, I’m going to regain control of Rubicon that way when the whole world goes all Dr. Strangelove, you can feel your skin melt from armageddon.

17 – Right now, Johnny, you’re not acting like the man I married. You’re the man I divorced.

18 – Someone’s gotta provide a little optimism Doesn’t seem like anyone around here has the headspace to do it.

19 – Diggle: Andy told me that Genesis is coming. Felicity: I don’t think so. Phil Collins said they’d never tour again.

20 – Living in Star City requires a special kind of tenacity. A sane person wouldn’t live here.

Arrow Tv Series Quotes & Sayings

Arrow Tv Series Quotes & Sayings

Arrow TV Series Sayings

21 – You thought I was leaving too? Not a chance.

22 – Oliver, you’re the last person on earth to lecture someone about lying to the people they love.

23 – Darhk: What are you going to do now, Oliver? Stop posturing. We both know you can’t do it. You spared the life of the man who killed your own mother. Arrow: You killed a friend of mine. You killed tens of thousands of innocent people. Slade Wilson and I had a choice. This time I don’t.

24 – I have no idea what you’re talking about. Just get the son of a bitch.

25 – They’re leaving because of their own personal darkness. I can’t help but think that they were infected by mine.

26 – What does a guy have to do to end the world in peace?

27 – I just can’t believe that I thought that I’d be the one to unite this city while Damien Darhk was trying to kill it.That was arrogant. The same arrogance that made me feel I could be the Green Arrow without descending into darkness. Bottom line, it was foolish.

28 – The President asked me if the fate of the world was resting in the hands of an IT girl, a criminal, and two guys dressed in Halloween costumes.

29 – Curtis: If you’re Felicity’s dad, and you were married to Donna, you [pointing to Felicity] make so much more sense now! Felicity: Yup.

30 – You’re a feisty one, Ms. Michaels. You had your fun, time for me to have mine.

Famous Dialogs About Arrow TV Series

31 – What is it with you? Why are you always at the mercy of some guy? You can make your own decisions, Thea. You’re not a pawn. You’re a Queen.

  • 32 – Felicity: Well his daughter still lives in this world. He must know that. Oliver: He knows. He just doesn’t care. He’s lost all hope. Diggle: Yeah, just like all of us.
  • 33 – Usually in these situations, you’re the one offering hope.
  • 34 – Donna: I may not be in Mansa, but I know how to read, sweetie. Lance: I think it’s Mensa, actually.
  • 35 – So many promises were made to save this city, but it all just fell apart, and we were the ones left in the rubble. Damien Darhk gave us hope. Can you, with your masks and your guns, say the same?
  • 36 – We immortals tend to stay out of the affairs of men.

37 – I heard your voice in my head. You were reminding me of all the good things I have in my life.

38 – Can I help you with something? You know, I always enjoy spending time with my constituents.

39 – Felicity: Go to hell. Darhk: Why bother? I’m going to bring it to us.

40 – I’m sorry. Did I leave you with the impression I was a rational guy?

Best Quotes and Sayings About Arrow TV Series

41 – Amanda Waller: This was never about expunging your darkness, Mr. Queen. That darkness will always be a part of you. Oliver: Then what was the point? Amanda: To show you that sometimes killing is the only path to justice.

42 – Felicity: Every time you face a setback, you throw yourself a pity party. Oliver: It’s not a pity party. It’s acceptance.

43 – Not to sound too much like your father, but I really think you need a timeout.

44 – If the darkness inside outweighs the light, instead of repelling Darhk’s magic, you’ll end up fueling it. You will only make him more powerful.

45 – Oliver: I should have taken your head.

46 – Tell me. How’s it feel knowing you have no problem pulling the trigger to protect a bunch of Afghans you never knew, but you don’t have the guts to do what’s necessary to protect your wife and child?

47 – Glad to see you picking up your psycho boss’ old habits.

Arrow Tv Series Quotes & Saying:

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