My Birthday Quotes

Is it really your birthday? Well, first of all Happy Birthday To You from our side. We believe that you may have numerous wishes and dreams that are yet to come true. Just keep your intentions very positive! So you are here looking for some ‘My Birthday Quotes’ and honestly, you are at the right… Read More »

I Hate You Quotes 2016

I hate you quotes are written at the times when you are expressing your anger to the people you hate the most. These quotes are not used commonly by the people but is only used when needed. There are several ways of expressing your anger and hatred towards the other people. That can be either… Read More »

Best Short Love Quotes 2016

Love is an eternal feeling that can only be understood by the people who know the meaning of love. An individual may easily express his/her love in a variety of ways, either by private text message or by sending love images and also by posting love quotes on the social media. This love has the… Read More »

100+ Feeling Sad Quotes 2016

Feelings are a part of life. Every individual in the world feels for something. It can be love, happiness or sorrow or any other feeling. A person without feeling is a man with no soul, a dead guy walking! There are the different type of feelings. The Sad feeling is a part of it. A… Read More »

I m Beautiful Quotes 2016

These types of quotes refer to the selfish type of quotes, as the word itself is describing the selfishness. A person who is always praising himself, but not others, is said to be selfish, and the people who think they are the only one beautiful are dumb. The people like them are in search of… Read More »

70+ Daily Inspirational Quotes 2016

Daily inspirational quotes Inspirations have always helped the people in shaping their thoughts for good. The people around the world are in search of the inspirations to get motivated. Daily inspiration quotes play the best role for them. They not only provide inspiration, but also help people making their life prosperous. These daily inspirational quotes can… Read More »

Best Cute Quotes For Girls 2016

These cute quotes have the power to bring smile and joy of life. These can also be referred as love quotes and can also be used to praise other by all means. There is a variety of these cute quotes. Some are for men and some for women/girls. Sharing the cute quotes for the girls… Read More »

Best Status And Quotes 2016

Status and quotes, in general, are the short written lines that are used to express the thoughts experiences of the people. These statuses and quotes are generally written by most of the famous celebrities, authors, writers and Newsmakers. This is only because of the life experiences they had in their entire life. There is no… Read More »

75+ Sad Friendship Quotes 2016

The word friendship means a strong relationship of mutual understanding between two or more people. Almost every individual living in the world needs a real friend, whom he can trust with all his heart. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed. It is a very strong quote that only a few friends… Read More »

128 Selfish Quotes 2016

A status is mainly used to share moods and feelings among your friends, family, colleagues and other people that matter something the most in your life. Like all the categories and subcategories of statuses, a selfish status is more annoying but in most of the cases it is loving. It can also be used as… Read More »